Editable Character Sheets Exist, No Paper Required

Even though using paper and pencil might be the easiest way to maintain your character sheets (or at least the traditional way,) you can use your device of choice with form editable PDFs now. Bring your tablet, computer, phone, or whatever to the game and don’t worry about forgetting your sheets at home … I can always save your current character sheets to Dropbox in a shared folder for you.

Download the collection of 5th edition character sheets here. You’ll find the form editable copies in the zip file.


The D&D Starter Set Has Arrived

D&D Starter Set CoverI went out shopping early this morning and came back to find the D&D Starter Set waiting at home. I opened it up immediately. After the plastic had been removed, I found everything needed to play right there in the box: the Rulebook, the “Lost Mine Of Phandelver” adventure, six dice, along with pre-rolled characters ready to use. The artwork is pretty awesome, too.

Thumbing through the Rulebook and the adventure has been a lot of fun. D&D was something I missed out on playing when I was younger. I’m excited to jump into it after all these years of reading the books, and rolling characters for other people to play.