The Basic Rules Have Been Updated

The Basic Rules for Dungeons & Dragons an update on August 13th, and though there are a few changes that should be noted before hammering out the PDF links to you and sprinting towards coffee and sunlight, I’ll try to be brief.

Player’s rules have been updated to version .2 and you’ll probably want to download the updated PDF here. New spells, backgrounds, Forgotten Realms deities, and more have been added. Go on, take a look for yourself, a change log will be kept at Wizards’ Basic Rules home base reflecting what you’ll want to know from each new version. Errors do appear in the update, but should be noted in the change log.

Side note to my players: The Player’s Handbook will arrive on Tuesday, August 19th. If you don’t feel like keeping up with the rules updates you really don’t have to. We can run through the Handbook outside of our game nights and roll new characters for future use anytime.

Dungeon Masters also get their own set of the free rules, and as a new DM myself, I think that splitting up the rules was a wise choice. The DM Basic Rules covers stat reading, monsters, NPCs, building combat encounters, and magic items. It should be a fun and helpful read while we wait for the November 18th release of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.


Golden Coast Mead Savage Bois

Golden Coast Mead Savage Bois
Tonight’s game night is going to be tasty in addition to being awesome. I’ve got a Golden Coast Mead Savage Bois mead lined up to pop open later. I haven’t tasted it yet, and am really looking forward to it.

It’s a California Wildflower Honey dry mead that’s been fermented on French Oak Chips with ale yeast. It’s 12%, and is produced in Oceanside, CA, by Golden Coast Mead, a company that donates a portion of their sales to 1% For The Planet. Between supporting bees with each sale, and of course the mead itself, they’ve got a great thing going.

A few of us just visited  last Saturday (also National Mead Day) and had a great experience in the tasting room (it doubles as their production area as well.) We tasted their Orange Blossom, Ginger, Sassafras, and Sour meads. All were awesome. I really loved the Orange Blossom and Ginger meads. The sour was a nice surprise. Thanks to Frank and Alex for being such great hosts; we enjoyed the mead, learned a bunch, and laughed our asses off!

It was cool to have the chance to taste another ginger mead. I’ve been looking forward to coming up with a ginger mead recipe of my own for a couple of months now, and I’m hoping to start fermenting a proper batch soon.

You can find Golden Coast mead in your favorite flavor of social media here on Twitter or at their Facebook.

The Player’s Handbook Is Arriving Soon, So Let’s Celebrate With A TPK

The Player's Handbook CoverI’m kidding about the TPK. No, really, just kidding. The Player’s Handbook is arriving August 19th, and I’m very excited to jump right into the heart of it when it arrives. There’s a nice discount for pre-ordering it (which I have,) but it’s always cool to support your local games shop.

Even though it’s all old news by now, Ethan Gilsdorf got an exclusive first look at the Handbook over at Boing Boing, complete with gorgeous hi-res artwork from the tome’s pages, and a sneak peek at the Warlock class. Mike Mearls also offered a bit more info on the book and the usefulness of character backgrounds at the Dungeons & Dragons site.

You might want to roll new characters once this rulebook is out because, well, it’s good fun.