The Player’s Handbook Is Arriving Soon, So Let’s Celebrate With A TPK

The Player's Handbook CoverI’m kidding about the TPK. No, really, just kidding. The Player’s Handbook is arriving August 19th, and I’m very excited to jump right into the heart of it when it arrives. There’s a nice discount for pre-ordering it (which I have,) but it’s always cool to support your local games shop.

Even though it’s all old news by now, Ethan Gilsdorf got an exclusive first look at the Handbook over at Boing Boing, complete with gorgeous hi-res artwork from the tome’s pages, and a sneak peek at the Warlock class. Mike Mearls also offered a bit more info on the book and the usefulness of character backgrounds at the Dungeons & Dragons site.

You might want to roll new characters once this rulebook is out because, well, it’s good fun.


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