I Am The Dungeon Master (In Training)

The days come and go quickly, and only sometimes, however infrequently, do I realize that a whole month has come and gone. It’s time for an update around here.

Everyone in my group has led a very busy life this past month, myself included. We haven’t sat down to play as often as we’d like, and when we have, quite a bit of time has elapsed. I find myself wondering “What were we even doing last time?” even though my hastily taken notes are in a neat Markdown file nestled within the DM Materials folder inside the D&D folder that I’ve set up in my Dropbox account.

You’d think it is organized. That it’s relatively easy to hop back into the campaign. It’s not that way at all. I’ve only run a handful of games and it’s a bit daunting every time we get started. That’s not a complaint or a bad thing. It’s a great place to start talking about what I’ve been doing lately to become a better DM: watching, listening, reading, and taking notes. Continue reading