It’s a Map!

The group of friends and family I DM for try to meet up every Thursday, and we alternate between the Lost Mine of Phandelver and a homebrew campaign I’m writing called The Herald of the Abyss (yeah, should have googled that name before I was several days into the storyline, I’ll change the title later). When I started conceiving my campaign, I had a massive rush of ambition, and wanted a memorable storyline, NPCs for days, a grandiose and dickish evil being for an end boss, an accompanying soundtrack, and tons of maps.

Well I started off making one map, and now that the party has cleared the area I can share it with you. Oh, and it’s the only map I’ve done so far.

Map of Serpenthead Rock


I came across a fantastic blog that you might have heard of, Dyson’s Dodecahedron. This map of Serpenthead Rock is done in the style shown in Dyson’s map tutorial section. You should take a peek at the amazing maps and content contained in that blog.

Go ahead and use this map for your campaigns if you’d like. The place used to belong to a crotchety old Orc Chieftain called Mauhagr Serpenthead, but hey, he’s dead now thanks to the party and the map is available now! The creepy eyes were supposed to be for a band’s logo that I was working on, but they’ve been re-purposed into hidden guard towers full of goblins and other sordid things. Fun times!

It’s about time for me to get another map going, I think. Especially since I convinced the adventurers to buy a little shack housing a stronghold that belonged to a half-orc merchant (whom they rescued from Serpenthead Rock.)


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