Permanent Vacation

My Halloween WreathMy players have been stuck in Shadowfell since July 30, 2015. The trip through the planar portal was supposed to be a few quick sessions leading up to Halloween last year, but … it’s become something bigger than I imagined. It’s my goal to get them out by October. Having them roll for Shadowfell Despair (Dungeon Master’s Guide, Page 52) has been hilarious and has added tons of comedic relief, but it’s time to find their way home.

Here’s some of the things we’ve been listening to while visiting the shadow plane:

Shadowfell Vacation Time

This was the first playlist I created for the game. I pinched a few songs from my actual Halloween playlist that fit the mood of the place. Creating playlists for my homebrew campaign is a blast. I really enjoy this part of running the game. These are always set to random play but every now and then I put on specific tunes for an encounter or as things get suspenseful during gameplay.


Blackholme Island

These adventures in Shadowfell take place on the island Kingdom of Blackholme. It’s a shadow of Kingdom of Londolothl, where they started this campaign back in January of 2015.


Shadowfell’s Nightlife

This playlist is what I’m currently using while they fight their way through the streets of Undergate, the fortified capital of Blackholme. It hangs thousands of feet lower than the cliffs surrounding it, and all that can be seen below it is a deep grey pit full of swirling purple and black storm clouds. The cliffs surrounding Undergate are so sheer they make travel to any other section of the continent nearly impossible. The storm surrounding the city makes for great skyfishing (yes the lures float in the air!)

Feel free to subscribe to these playlists or copy them for use in your campaigns. Or you can just blast these songs while doing housework (like I’ve done more than once!)