The Metal Meadery is about … well, you know. No, I don’t either … For now, its purpose is relating news and game-night-related info to friends. It’s going to be filled with game-related articles, and I’ll sneak in some homebrewing articles as well as some artwork every now and then. It is going to take its own shape over time.

Thinking it would be wise to keep our schedule, a log of events, and things worth noting here. If it makes our game nights easier to manage it should be found right here, somewhere. If it’s not, please suggest it.

This is a work in progress, so expect more in the weeks to come. Unless it all proves useless. In that case reroll and break out a mead.

I’ve got artwork, posters and more of my work at kevtetreault.com.

There’s apparel and other cool loot for sale at my Redbubble store.


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